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A multi-family and commercial utility billing company with premium customer service and customizable billing options.

We approach every client relationship with personal attention at no extra charge.

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We manage multi-family and commercial property billing. Our responsive ACCOUNT managers are here to create personalized, professional relationships so we can better serve you.
We take a personalized approach to our customer care. whether you have a small or enterprise portfolio of properties, you will have premium service without the premium price tag.
Every client has a dedicated ACCOUNT manager no matter their property size. they will recommend the best billing methodology for your given property type and location.
We offer versatile billing methods to save you time while maximizing your utility billing recovery. we manage all of your utility and ancillary fees and then issue those bills directly to your tenant for collection.

Residence Billing – Fast Facts & Figures


Guaranteed Turnaround Time for Addressing Customer : 60 Hours


Average Reduction in Tenant Consumption due to Solutions


Increase in Community Income With A Vacant Unit cost Recovery Feature

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The ultimate utility expense recovery solution. Our quality submeters guarantee a fast return on investment and a long lifespan. We are committed to utilizing only the highest quality products, while also taking care of the design, installation, and maintenance of your submetering system.

Ratio Utility Billing Systems

At Residence Billing, experience the advantages of utilizing Ratio Utility Billing. Enjoy the perks of zero capital investment, reduced operating costs, and an enhanced focus on conservation.

Vacant Cost Recovery

Residence Billing offers Vacant Cost Recovery (VCR) as a solution to ensure that the property never has to bear the burden of utility costs for occupied units. With VCR, Multifamily Utility Company assists the property in recovering utility expenses associated with occupied units.

Energy Audits

Find areas of unnecessary utility expenses with an energy audit from Residence Billing. Discover costly problems and opportunities to optimize your services.

Energy Procurement

Received the best energy contracts with our energy procurement program at Residence Billing, ensuring you benefit from agreements with improved terms and conditions.


Collecting residents’ payments can be a challenging task for property managers and leasing agents. At Residence Billing, our dedicated collections program eliminates this hassle for you while ensuring the highest level of customer service for your residents.

Meter Maintenance

Get reliable and precise readings with our meter maintenance program at Residence Billing. Rest assured that your meters are free from faults and accurately measuring the consumption.

Utility Invoice Auditing

Identify and rectify costly billing errors with our exclusive utility invoice auditing software, offered by Residence Billing.

Utility Rate & Tariff Analysis

Gain the confidence of paying the best rate and avoiding NOI-damaging overcharges with our utility rate and tariff analysis. Trust Residence Billing for reliable and thorough assessment of your utility rates and tariffs.

Smart Thermostats

Our new SetpointControl electricity program, offered through Residence Billing, features a cutting-edge smart thermostat in every unit. This innovative system enables property owners and managers to effortlessly control the temperature inside each unit from a remote location. With the aid of intelligent software, authorized users can easily factor in variables like the unit’s orientation, seasonal temperatures, and other key elements to establish a carefully balanced utility management program. This exceptional combination guarantees a comfortable living environment while maximizing energy efficiency.

Solar Financing

Residence Billing presents an exciting opportunity for effective energy cost management. As a leader in innovation, Multifamily Utility proudly introduces a groundbreaking solar financing program in collaboration with Pacific Coast Power. With this program, you can now enjoy the benefits of solar panels, installation, and even submeters. Manage your energy costs efficiently and embrace sustainable living.

Metered Electric Car Charging

The i-meter EVCMC system offered by Residence Billing is a cost-effective solution for existing properties. With this innovative electrical system, there is no need to add more electrical circuits, ensuring the protection of your existing infrastructure. By alternating and distributing power to multiple chargers, this system efficiently supports metered electric car charging.

At Residence Billing, our dedicated utility experts understand the unique needs of multifamily owners like you. We specialize in customizing programs that cater to both your requirements and those of your valuable residents. Best of all, we strive to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses, often resulting in a completely cost-free process. Take advantage of a complimentary consultation with one of our knowledgeable experts today. We will guide you through the specific regulations in your area, explore the various options available to you, and determine the extent of utility expense recovery you can achieve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your utility management effortlessly!

Markets We Serve

Residence Billing excels in the effective management of various property types. With our specialized knowledge in multifamily utilities, we provide invaluable assistance in maximizing your Net Operating Income (NOI) and achieving your sustainability or conservation goals, regardless of the size of your property. Trust in Residence Billing to optimize your property’s potential and ensure its long-term success.



Student Housing

Recover The Cost & Bill Back For Utilities


Conservation of this invaluable resource preserves the environment and cuts down on monthly expenses. Submeters empower residents to grasp and manage their usage effectively.


Gas submetering reduces utility expenses and enhances property safety. It is a fair system that encourages residents to manage their energy use effectively. By providing visibility to their bill, submetering empowers residents to conserve resources.


Submetering electric in areas with a high air conditioning demand can significantly decrease utility usage. Trust Residence Billing to expertly manage your electric submetering needs and maximize efficiency.

Products We Provide

Water Meters

Master Meter, Neptune, Sensus, Elster, Badger, Hersey, Wellspring, and more are available.

Gas Meters

Includes Elster, Norgas, and Badger. Automated thermostats and run-time controllers are also available.

Electric Meters

Submeters from Leviton, e-Gauge, EKM, Quadlogic, E-Mon, and more are available.

Automatic Meter Readings

AMR solutions eliminate the need for manual meter reading and logs precise daily meter reads.

Water Conservation

Save up to 77% more water over traditional products with eco flow control systems.

Gas Conservation

Lower gas usage with precise thermostats, eco water heaters, and efficiency kits.

Electric Conservation

Reduce electric consumption with programmable appliance timers, light controls, and more.

We server all 50 States

Residence Billing specializes in providing expert Utility Billing services nationwide, focusing on multifamily properties across all fifty states. Our dedicated team stays up-to-date with the latest Utility Billing regulations, ensuring a seamless and error-free implementation process. Discover the current utility regulations in your state by partnering with Residence Billing.

Thinking green to keep our planet blue

Residence Billing is committed to promoting a sustainable environment through consciousness and preservation.